About Sierra Vista Construction, Inc

Danny Aguero is the founder and manager of Sierra Vista Construction. Before entering construction, he worked in management for over 15 years. This allowed him to harness many executive skills in communication and finance, before establishing a company of his own. He demands the most of his employees and takes great pride in providing his customers with a fine quality product.

Angie Aguero’s experience, from positions with various banks and large corporations, supports her role in maintaining a close eye on all business transactions throughout the course of a home’s construction.

Austin Aguero started by assisting the company in the field. He then went on to become an Angelo State University alumni with degrees Mathematics and Applied Physics. Following graduation he took on a greater roll in Sierra Vista Construction to become the Vice President. His great attention to detail and technological improvements have become a vital part of the present and future of Sierra Vista Construction.

Together Danny, Angie, and Austin are working together to develop a proud family owned and operated business.






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